Three signs that you have a HUGE gift (or calling) on your life

I pray that you’ve been able to create some joy and good memories during this most unique holiday season!

Today I want to talk to you about your gifts. Not the ones you may have received on Christmas or the ones you might get during Kwanzaa. I’m talking about the gifts that are embedded in you as person.

Some of us have gifts that are more noticeable or remarkable than others but all gifts are valuable.

One of our jobs while we’re alive is to discover our gifts–which are usually connected to what we are “called” to do–and answer that call. Sometimes however, our “calling” can feel too daunting, overwhelming or unachievable. Sometimes we feel unworthy or ill-equipped to handle it. Whenever those feelings creep in, that’s a sign that it’s imperative for you to do whatever it takes to discover your gifts and answer your call.

Here are 3 signs that there’s a huge gift (or calling) on your life:

  • You consistently experience major “roadblocks” or setbacks that seem to keep you from fullyliving your dreams or achieving your goals.
  • You know there’s something BIG inside of you but you start to feel “fear” or overwhelm when you step out of your comfort zone to achieve it.
  • You tend to get distracted easily or you notice a pattern of self-sabotage when things start going “good.”

I can relate to all of these. Do any of these signs resonate with you? If so, you my friend, have an important gift or “calling” on your life that must be shared. The gift may come through your talent, expertise, your creativity, your pain, the things you love or things that you have a deep disdain for.

How different would the world be if we all surrendered to our divine gifts and answered the call on our life?

Well, one thing I hope you will do this holiday season is make a decision to see what “the next level” looks like for you, by tapping into your gift or calling. Push past fear, doubt, uncertainty and unlock the goldmine of your life.

Do it my friend.

After surviving a year like 2020, you owe it to yourself and the world to LIVE FULLY. Step into the unknown. Own ALL of your power. Discover your FULL potential. Even if your calling is “big,” your job is not to judge it. Just surrender to it. When you do, the “next steps” will show up.

As someone told me a while back, God never gives you a vision without also supplying the provision. Share your gifts. Answer the call on your life!

Now more than ever, this world needs YOUR gift!

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